Online Retreat Archives

Listed below are links to our previous online retreats. Our intention is to keep these archives so that individuals and groups can continue to use these materials as a way to draw nearer to Christ.

Winter 2023

Brother Andy Hurst spoke at the Redwood Christian Ashram in 2008 alongside Brother Lloyd Saatjian. We will be primarily focusing on his second, third, and fourth talks from that week. If you have time you are encouraged to also listen to the first talk where Andy shares about the unconditional love of the Father in the story of the Prodigal son. 

Winter 2022

The late Brother LLoyd spoke on multiple occasions at the Redwood Christian Ashram. These audio recordings come from his teaching in 2008. His rich heritage and story telling abilities shine through as he brings a new light to the scripture from a Middle Eastern Perspective.  Click below for access to materials.

Summer 2021

 What does "normal life" look like after a year of grief, loss, uncertainty, and isolation? How do we answer Christ's invitation to abundant living as we emerge from such a difficult year? What habits do we want to keep? What do we wish we could forget? 

It is time to come alive again!

Winter 2021

"Solace & Strength" was a moment of pause in the midst of a difficult winter. Our pastoral team focused on comfort while encouraging us towards resilience during these uniquely challenging times. Click below for access to materials.

Summer 2020

"Refresh, Restore, Renew 2020" was born out of a desire to reach people with the Gospel message that Jesus is Lord during COVID-19 closures across the country. Click below to explore the materials from our inaugural online event!